Special Guest: Beth Stallwood, Director & Lead Consultant, Transforment

You’re on the engagement train. You’ve championed the importance, sold the benefits and you’ve got the leaders on board. Perhaps you’ve even done a survey and have the results. You want to act… But what do you focus on?

Of course, taking action is critical (and there’s no point investing in surveys if you don’t do anything with the results!) but the survey only tells a part of the story.

In this show, Beth will talk about taking a pause to observe what’s really going on.

Join us as we discuss that adding insight to data and considering where to act will help you make the most difference to employee engagement in your organisation. With practical tips and techniques, Beth will guide you on what to look and listen for to help you work out what to do.

Beth is an organisational and people development expert, with an impressive track record of enabling businesses to achieve results by transforming the way they develop, engage and lead their people.

She has a reputation for being an impactful presenter, engaging facilitator and leadership coach.

By getting under the skin of organisations, she develops and delivers practical solutions that are right for the business – whatever the product, service or sector. A real relationship-builder and stakeholder-influencer at all levels, she intuitively adapts to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations.

Host: Jo Dodds

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