Special Guest: Jemma Peers, Client Services Director, Top Banana

As more baby boomers work past retirement age and tech-savvy millennials enter the workforce, the variety of values, communication styles and work habits amongst employees is vast.

This can quickly become a barrier to trust and communication – both vital for positive workplace cultures and organisational productivity. With the employee age of a UK company potentially now ranging from 17 to 70, is it possible to unite five generations into one harmonious workforce?

Join Jemma Peers, Client Services Director at events and communications specialists Top Banana, who will share her thoughts on how to communicate with and get key business messages across to every single member of the team…whether they’re pushing 70 or skimming 20.

Join us as we talk about how businesses can tell a story, how to make it matter to every person in the room and what tools and tactics can be used to bring strategy to life in original ways. Jemma joined Top Banana back in May 2016 bringing a wealth of live event experience and bags of energy to her role.

Leading a team of event professionals in her role as Client Services Director, Jemma’s skills lie in taking an objective or a challenging situation and creating the perfect solution, evoking emotions and embracing all things new and creative. She understands the dynamics of live events, is creative in her thinking and builds strong relationships with her clients … who trust her to deliver strategically driven events.

Host: Jo Dodds

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