Special Guest: Rowena Bach, Head of Product Development, MyKindaFuture

MyKindaFuture’s mission is to create equal power and opportunity for every young person to shape their future. They exist to tackle social mobility issues in society and do so by partnering with employers to get young people access to the world of work, and careers, in variety of face to face and digital ways.

Join us as we discussed social mobility issues in the UK today, why and how employers can make a difference, and the role of early talent programmes in building next generation organisational cultures.

At MyKindaFuture and so responsible for understanding how young people need and expect to interact with potential employers alongside the pressured and ever-changing environment of in-house early talent professionals and combining these to create cutting edge digital services that help both parties: young people and employers.

Rowena’s work has been featured in CIPD and Training Journal publications, she also speaks regularly about how hard it is for young people in the UK today and practical ways employers can respond, as well as representing the corporate sector on several national forums and government taskforces. Prior to joining MyKindaFuture to focus deeply on social mobility, Rowena has lead learning and talent teams across a number of sectors including Banking, FMCG, and Broadcast Media Deustche Bank, Disney, and Sky. In her last corporate role, she was responsible for Future Talent strategy and execution and the foundation of the Sky Academy that you see on television today.

Host: Jo Dodds

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