Special Guest: Abi Freeman, Co-Founder, Brink

Join us as we discuss how employee engagement practices are killing innovation and what you can do about it.

Abi Freeman is an organisational psychologist, business leader and entrepreneur.

The thread that ties her work together is behaviour change. Two decades spent designing and delivering innovation and entrepreneurship programmes for Governments, business, tech start-ups and Academia, taught her that for innovation to succeed in organisations it requires the right mindset and an enabling environment.

That’s why she recently co-founded innovation practise, Brink.

Twitter: @abigailfrmn @hellobrink

Abi says:

“It’s easy to have innovation mantras written on the walls but much harder to live up to those mantras in practise. At Brink we hold companies accountable for following through, and work with them to get real on incentives and really (truly) enabling the experimentation and failure that’s necessary for innovation. We help leaders design the enabling environment and cultivate the mindsets that will unlock innovation and design out the perverse incentives that can so often make well-meaning efforts backfire.”

Host: Jo Dodds

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