Special Guest: Professor Caroline Parker, Lead for Glasgow Caledonian Values Project

Join us as we discuss the value of values in addressing the complex problem of employee engagement.

Professor Parker, Project Lead for the Values initiative at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has over 25 years’ experience as an academic and senior manager. We will discuss her belief in the power of values to engage people with an organisation and the role that a ground up, appreciative enquiry approach has played in the success of the project she leads & also the unexpected benefits of a life of DIY.

A wicked problem is one which is resistant to resolution because it lacks boundaries, has changing requirements and there are no ‘out of the box’ solutions. Employee engagement, certainly meets those criteria. Focusing on building and increasing the link between organisational and individual values rather than on ‘fixing the problem’ GCU has developed initiatives that are also increasing engagement.

Caroline will explain the learning journey she and GCU have taken and describe some of the key initiatives that bring values and engagement together. She will highlight her belief that long-term investment is needed if your organisation is serious about its value focus; the importance of going beyond values into behaviours and then developing an embedment strategy that brings all areas of the business with you.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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