Special Guests: Sam Wilkinson, Product Development Manager & Sharon Olivier, Discipline Lead for People and Talent and Senior Faculty in Leadership Development at Ashridge

Join us as we discuss the latest research into engagement in work teams and find out about some exciting new concepts – Zones of Pseudo-Engagement and Zones of Contentment.

In potentially the largest UK study of barriers to team engagement to date, researchers from Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School on behalf of Engage for Success and supported by Oracle worked with 195 participants from 28 teams across seven industry sectors. When comparing work teams, our findings suggest that there are ‘shades of grey’ when it comes to team engagement, opposed to teams simply being either engaged or disengaged.

This research challenges traditional binary notions of engagement or disengagement and questions if engagement surveys present the true story when it comes to team engagement. Our findings have been translated into a 60-item team diagnostic and our aim is to develop leadership programs to help managers to successfully lead teams to raise their collective engagement and team performance.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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