Special Guest: Nick Kershaw, Founder & CEO, Impact Marathon Series

In 2015, Nick was asking himself two key questions:

How can we better connect individuals with their inherent power to make an impact in the world?

How do we empower the grassroot organisations set up in all over the world who are at the forefront of achieving the SDGs in their communities?

And he was inspired to ask another question:

How can we create a sustainable business model that not only drives money to these aforementioned organisations, but also creates a platform to tell their story?

The Impact Marathon Series was born.

Travelling to open up mindsets and see the reality of what The Global Goals mean on a very intimate grassroot level, combined with inherent power that comes from taking on a challenge as huge as running a marathon on an active volcano, or in the Himalayas has become a recipe for engagement that has got Nick asking one more question…

How can we use this platform to support corporates in engaging their teams with the CSR they do – whilst also boosting team health, team unity and an awareness of each individual employee’s power to impact the word?

Join us as we talk about how corporates can engage their employees with the CSR agenda.

Host: Jo Dodds

Listen Here (Archive available)

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