Special Guests: Kiran Sondhi of PWC and Ali Godding, past secondees to Engage for Success

Sean Conrad shared ‘5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement’ on our website and in number 3 – Support Employee Development’ he suggests secondments as one such way.

The EFS movement would not survive without the secondments that have been generously supported by our task force. There is a small core team who pick up the planning and day to day running of the movement, staffed almost entirely of secondees.

Kiran & Ali join us to talk about the power of secondments both from an individual engagement perspective, given their own experiences, but also from a wider movement perspective.

We keep the pitching to a minimum 😉 but if we do inspire you to want to explore more about a secondment with Engage for Success please use our contact page to get in touch.

Host: Jo Dodds

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