Special Guest: Katie Macaulay, managing director of AB, Author of ‘From Cascade to Conversation’

A new book is set to challenge employers to rethink how they communicate internally. From Cascade to Conversation says organisations have lost control of the message – if they ever had it.

From Cascade to Conversation includes case studies and informed input from UK household names such as BT, Sainsbury’s, Oxfam, B&Q, Post Office, HSBC, Waitrose and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The premise of From Cascade to Conversation maintains that broadcasting to employees is dangerously archaic in today’s digital age. People everywhere have found their voice. We no longer passively receive the message: we share and shape it together.

Organisations that broadcast to their people are the antithesis of how we, as individuals, choose to communicate. Continuing with the corporate monologue will increasingly fail to meet employees’ expectations.

“For years, organisations have been broadcasting messages to employees. It’s time to end the corporate monologue and engage in meaningful conversations,” says author Katie Macaulay.

Join us as we explore this challenge.

Host: Jo Moffatt

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