Engagement in SMEs

Engagement in SMEs

99.9% of businesses in the UK are defined as small or medium sized (SME’s). They employ about 60% of the UK workforce and are responsible for about 50% of GDP.

The purpose of this Group is to:

  1. Gain better understanding of what SME’s are thinking, and doing about engagement.
  2. Identify and explore influences on SME participation e.g. size, industry sector, perceived relevance/value
  3. Help raise the profile and awareness of employee engagement among SME’s
  4. Develop and share SME specific tools, resources and best practice
  5. Publish a “White Paper” on Engagement in SME’s for the Engage for Success website

Join this Group, provide case studies, references, contact names or other resources by emailing Michelle Bailey at michelle@3ease.com

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