7 good reasons for leaders to ‘sizzle their sausages’ in the new economy 

As the speed of change drives more complexity into our working lives, leaders are finding themselves spending more time delivering negative news that may suit the agenda and needs of the organisation, but what is it doing to the workforce?

Some facts why leaders need to watch their language…

  1. The words and phrases we use create images in others’ minds. Everyone will view those images from a unique lens, depending on their own experiences and their own imaginations
  2. If we create negative images, the result is negative thought and in turn negative, irrational and dysfunctional behaviour
  3. Negative input will ignite the ‘Amygdala’ in the brain, creating the threat response / ‘fight or flight’ response. When this happens the Pre-frontal Cortex capacity reduces, reducing the individual’s ability to think, be  creative, remembers things etc. (David Rock)
  4. People are motivated by meaning and challenge over money or other   rewards. If their work is undervalued or ignored the result will be wide spread disengagement, low productivity, no creativity and disillusionment. (Dan Ariely)
  5. Positivity releases dopamine (to the reward response). It increases  creativity, productivity and energy by 37% and opens up the learning centre in the brain (Dan Ariely-TED)
  6. Productive, learning and change requires an engaged workforce. An  engaged workforce requires positive, nourishing input – that comes in the form of a compelling mission that provides hope for the future and an  exciting journey along the way. A journey that makes people want to  follow; not because they have to, but because they are inspired to do so
  7. Language is the tool that enables leaders to create a great adventure that will carry the workforce into this new and exciting age

This article is not owned by Engage for Success and was originally published by Cafe Style.

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