How Great Managers Can Drive Employee Engagement 

Behind every efficient team of employees, there is always a great manager who knows how to communicate with his/her people. Surely, it is impossible to motivate someone who is not willing to cooperate, but managers need to have a great understanding of the skills his team possesses and use them to the company’s advantage.

A great manager also has excellent organisational skills and they talk to their employees often. So here is how a manager can engage with their people in order to create a great working environment and bring their company to a whole new level.

Setting goals

The best way to engage your team of employees is by creating goals or small milestones. Of course, the goal should be reachable and it is important not to overestimate your team because they might get discouraged if they fail every single time. Give your employees a chance to grow and develop in their fields of expertise.

Move your employees around and give them tasks which are unfamiliar to them. This will make them learn new skills and increase the communication in the office. Start with the basics and see how it goes. They will be engaged in the process and learn more as they go which should eventually make them more efficient and knowledgeable.

The importance of communication

Communication with the employees is the proper way to engage them and keep everyone happy. It doesn’t matter if you do it face to face or via email because it will have the same effect on the work environment in the company. Good communication will improve work success and you will notice that your employees are more eager to tackle any task you put in front of them.

Of course, the communication should go both ways so don’t forget to get back to your employees as soon as you can. If you are a manager, you need to show your employees that you are engaged in the process as well. Don’t wait more than 24 hours to reply to their messages or emails but be prepared to help them out as soon as possible.

Building trust is the key to encouragement so your team will dedicate more time to their projects if you are there for them every step of the way. Not to forget that they will improve their efficiency and quality of the final product.

Sharing the information

A great way to ensure that your employees are on the right track is by providing them as much information as possible about the projects they are working on, as well as on their role in the company. There is no need to do the work for your employees but give them useful guidelines that will lead to success. They will be engaged in the project and make good decisions on their own.

Interact with your team on a daily basis and offer consultations to everyone who might feel stuck or uninspired. It is also important to create a relaxed atmosphere in the office where your employees will feel comfortable asking you questions about the tasks or projects which are on their schedule.

Use the strengths

A single person cannot perform absolutely every job. So instead of zeroing in on the weaknesses, you need to discover what they do best, and let them grow in that area of expertise. Yes, learning new skills is fun and educational but if you want to bring quality to your company, make sure your employees are working in the right positions which are fit for them.

Once you recognise the strengths and talents of your team, assign them to the right projects, and observe how they perform both as an individual and a part of a team. They will very likely be more productive and happier with the company. This is crucial if you rely on your employees because if they are satisfied with the work they are getting, the chances are they are here to stay.

Inspire leadership

Giving your employees opportunities to lead and make decisions on their own is a good way to inspire them to be independent and think outside of the box. They will be more engaged in the work they do but also feel very confident which will create a better output in the long run.

So instead of insisting that they run to you whenever your employees need to decide on something, give them the freedom to solve tasks on their own. You will still be their manager so don’t worry about losing your authority.


Every manager is different and each does have their own set of tactics they use in the workplace. However, try a couple of these methods out, especially if you want to see more engagement by the employees. Give them room to grow and you will most likely see a positive change in your company.

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