Hints & Tips: I love my manager 

“Employees don’t quit their companies: they quit their bosses”

This short paper by Woodreed, considers the role of the manager in employee engagement.  As it clearly states:

“One of the strongest ways to create an engaged employee – even stronger than remuneration – is through a positive relationship with their line manager”

It goes on to look at the attributes of a good manager and ultimately the importance of treating everyone as an individual.  What one person takes as a positive experience may not be the same as how a colleague would interpret it.  There are some key actions a manager can take to create a positive relationship with their employees which include remembering:

  • small things matter
  • keep talking
  • get to know the team
  • listen
  • make time for them
  • have fun – laugh with the team!
  • actively support employees in their development
  • empower employees
  • provide the right tools
  • be flexible
  • keep promises
  • use the company’s brand values

The paper concludes by considering what ‘getting it right’ looks like and what’s in it for the manager and the business.

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