We know that Managers are critical to the successful engagement of teams as demonstrated by our 4 enablers. #ManagersMatter now more than ever because:

  • teams are more reliant than ever on information being filtered through their Manager so they understand the strategic narrative
  • people have ups and downs and when managers are open about this, their team can be too (empowering managers)
  • to be seen and heard requires genuine empathy and understanding from your manager, this is how people do their best work and generate their best ideas (working with integrity and voice)

Join us to shine a light on the fantastic work Managers across different sectors are doing to keep staff feeling connected, valued and informed in this trying time. Why not tell us about their fantastic work by tweeting @engage4success with #managersmatter and add in #makesomeonesmonday to pass it on. 

Let’s celebrate the leaders in our community by letting everyone know that #ManagersMatter.

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