Six Actionable Tips For Leaders To Build Trust With Their Team 

In any relationship, trust is essential in ensuring that the relationship grows to the next level. When there is limited trust between two parties, no matter how convenient the primary plan is, achieving your goal will not be quite straightforward. In a working environment, if employees don’t trust their employer, the organisation is likely to take more time trying to strike the right balance while achieving their mandate. It is every leader’s desire to impact their team and ensure the best for the sake of the organisation. However, this is only possible if there is trust between all parties.  Wherever you are, and whatever your current work situation is, if you are a leader and are willing to improve the way you relate with your team during these unprecedented times, here are some actionable tips to get you started.

Be supportive and honest

Employees want to know that you are a team player rather than being a referee. Whenever mistakes happen, instead of being judgmental, they want to feel your impact on problem solving. Additionally, they are looking more on what you do on ground than what you say in the board meetings. Therefore, if you consistently give precise instructions and remain true to your words, the trust will eventually build.

Be accountable

As a leader, it is not always guaranteed that you won’t make a mistake. Becoming responsible of your actions is a huge step towards winning trust at the workplace. If your decisions are the reason for your team’s under performance, or even a loss incurred as an organisation, be accountable, and take responsibility. Most leaders often challenge employees’ performance over something they did as a result of making poor choices.

Lead from the front

Be the change you want to see especially when it comes to team performance and decision making. Share information about your values and demonstrate that authentically. Although most leaders are reluctant to share too much information to their teams at the risk of making them feel vulnerable, sharing your values is significant in building credibility. Moreover, for a workplace to have a healthy relationship and capitalise on making a profit, your values must be clear to everyone on the team.

Be a visionary

Stop concentrating on how things are today and look at the bigger picture. Think of unique ways to build your organisation into an empire with all participants on board. Although short team results help in ensuring that you take the right steps towards achieving your dream, sharing the idea with the entire team makes it easy for them to understand the vision and work towards achieving the end goal. Additionally, instead of focusing only on their current skills, think of what they can do in the near future under your guidance.

Show trust

For anyone to start trusting you, you must prove that you are trustworthy by trusting them first. Be willing to listen from your juniors in their respective areas. Being the leader does not qualify you to know everything, but when you show a desire to hear from others, it helps boost their performance and motivate them. When employees feel like their voice is heard, it boosts their self-esteem and confidence. In return, it will be easy for them to communicate with you regarding their expectations and how to increase profit.

Be a listener

Employees want to be sure that their voice has an impact on the development of the organisation. Any time you call for a meeting, instead of giving directions and only sharing your views for the team to follow, allow them the opportunity to air their opinions too. And, when you do listen to what they have in mind, take the initiative to ensure that it is implemented for the better. Employees feel appreciated when they get an opportunity to speak, and have their say in how the organisation should run. In return, they will thank you by trusting you as the team leader.


Trust does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work from both the employees and leaders.  Therefore, as a leader, you must be willing to let your guard down and get closer to the people on ground.

Author: Kevin Whalez, Entrepreneur and Blogger. You can reach him at kevinwhalez@gmail.com

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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