How Valued Employees Produce the Best Work 

Owners and/or managers of business enterprises of all types strive to have employees that produce top-quality work. In the grand scheme, a valued employee produces the best work on a consistent basis. There are a number of strategies that a business owner or manager can utilize to enhance an employee’s feeling of worth and, as a result, improve the overall quality of work product.

A Valued Employee is Prepared for Failure

Although an employee who feels valued and a sense of worth in the workplace will be a successful worker overall, failure is always a part of a job. A valued employee is prepared to take on a failure directly, learn from it, and move on. An employee that does not have that same sense of worth may feel devastated by even a more minor flub, let alone a larger failure.

A Valued Employee Connects and Interacts

Many experts in the field of human resources have written extensively about how an employee with a bad attitude can quickly bring down the overall morale of a workplace. Conversely, an employee that feels a sense of value and worth on the job is far more apt to connect and interact with his or her co-workers in a positive, productive manner. Indeed, the presence of a valued worker and his/her positive manifestations works to offset any negative energy being emanated or fostered by a worker who has a dim view of his/her situation.

This type of interconnection, and interaction, is vital to team development within a workplace. Very few business enterprises of any type can function efficiently and effectively without the development of at least some team cohesion within the workplace itself.

A Valued Employee Likes Coming to the Job

Although this may seem elementary, a valued employee likes to come to work. Even if an employee that feels valued at the job is involved in an unpleasant project or task, he/she understands its importance and typically has a solid commitment to get the task completed in a positive, efficient manner.

The workplace provides a nourishing and enriching environment for a valued worker. Rather than dim a person’s sense of worth, being at the workplace increases his/her sense of self esteem and accomplishment.

A valued employee considers his/her work a positive part of life and not merely something that must be endured to pay the bills. This type of attitude, arising from a validation of a worker, is a prime reason why an employee ends up producing the very best results on a consistent basis, in both the short and the long term.

A Secure Environment

An employee feels a sense of value when a work environment maintains security and stability. For example, an employee wants to know that he/she works in a safe environment. This includes everything from a clean, healthy physical plant to appropriate business insurance coverage to protect an employee who is injured on the job.

Researchers in various studies have all came to the same conclusion.

Before an employee feels compelled to strive, and consequently thrive, in a particular workplace, that individual must feel a true sense of safety and security on the job. A safe, secure employee is also one who dives headlong into his/her work duties, resulting in enhanced productivity and better end results. According to researchers, this proves true both in the short and the long term.

Respect for Leadership

Finally, when an employee feels valued in the workplace, he/she usually develops a respect for the leadership of a business enterprise. Of course, part of that is the natural response to the fact that management makes a worker feel valued. But, it also stems from more open lines of communication as well. A natural respect for leadership also contributes to the overall enhancement of the final work product in a business organization.

Lindsey Patteron, Social Media Advisor to Vivint.

Image courtesy of  Lindsey Patterson
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