How To Avoid The Worst Online Meeting Pitfalls 

Listen, we get it: Thousands and thousands of us are currently working in circumstances that we hadn’t even imagined doing at the beginning of the year. We’re working at home and doing everything we used to do in person remotely. That includes meetings—a lot of meetings. Everything from regular check-ins to project planning and management are now via video, and a lot of us are feeling the fatigue. And all those meetings via video have also meant that we are likely to not be as productive as we were at the beginning of or even before the pandemic. But there are steps we can all take to boost that productivity and regain control of our video-work lives.

For example, if you’re not having luck with one platform, it might be worth your time to try another one. What other steps can you take to get more from those video meetings? This graphic explains it all.

Author: Ghergich & Co.

Photo Credits: iStock on Pixabay

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