12th April 2018


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Office Layout Dos and Don’ts for a Productive, Happy Workplace

When you think about your work space, what adjectives pop to mind?

Do you have generally good feelings, or do you instead think of words like, “cramped,” “boring,” “ugly,” “dark,” and “bad colors”?

Unfortunately for far too many people—those that go to work in cubicles and those that go to work in open offices—those negative words and more like them are apt descriptions about how they feel about the place in which they spend most of their waking hours. It’s too bad, because those bad offices can also impact creativity, teamwork, and productivity.

But while the walls might be set, there are things that you can change about the place that you work in order to make it more conducive to happiness and health. For starters, think about lighting: If you can’t change what’s overhead, can you supplement it with more options that give you varied levels and colors of light? What else can you do to change your office?

Office Layout Dos and Don

By Cubicle Concepts