Case Study: HMRC – Engaging a Geographically Dispersed Team

Case Study: HMRC – Engaging a Geographically Dispersed Team


How do you create and build an engaged team of colleagues when they are spread over 68 different locations? HMRC faced this challenge when four years ago it created its new ‘pop-up’ Counter-Avoidance Directorate, comprising 1,500 staff across the country of different backgrounds, grades and levels of experience, and with a remit to deliver at pace while under intense media spotlight to show results.

Assistant Director Lesley Dooley MBE:

“The speed of creation meant we needed to swiftly engage our staff and bring them on board while all were finding our feet. Senior leaders were liaising with ministers about financial tax recovery targets and policy initiatives to drive down avoidance, meanwhile we had no processes and all were on a steep learning curve. If we didn’t gel quickly and work together we were in danger of falling behind. We needed everyone’s perspective on what was working well, what wasn’t working well and how we could improve.”

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