Job fulfillment essential to retaining young workers 

Every company depends on millennials or Generation Y employees to maintain its market position and adapt to changing conditions. These employees have the potential to become effective leaders within organizations and guide firms into new fields or continue growth over time. Therefore, every business should be striving to retain workers who show promise.

However, the engagement strategies that worked with past generations may not be effective with millennials. A recent study by the iOpener Institute for People and Performance found that younger workers are highly motivated to seek fulfillment in their jobs. This means that companies may need to adjust their employee engagement strategies to focus on outlining possible career paths for younger staff members. When individuals have clear expectations for their current roles and understand how these can help them achieve their dream jobs, they are more likely to remain committed to an organization.

Capture feedback in real time

Fast Company stated that the key to helping employees develop their careers is understanding where they want to go. Being able to design jobs that appeal to the strengths and interests of staff members could result in increased satisfaction and performance.

The process starts with effective communication, according to the source. When staff members feel that their bosses do not recognize their frustration and concerns, this creates tension that can lead to high turnover. Regular discussion and feedback will help organizations identify potential problems in time to address them. Unfortunately, most organizations only rely on annual surveys to gauge employee satisfaction. This could cause firms to miss valuable opportunities to cultivate new talents and interests in younger workers. Beginning and maintaining a dialogue that is personal, purposeful and public can help improve satisfaction among young employees.

This article was provided courtesy of Michael Betrand of TemboStatus, the blog post was originally written by David Bator.

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