Infographic: Office Perks, Happier and More Motivated Employees?

Andrews Sykes and Atomik Research conducted a survey about the perks at work, they sampled 1000 office workers across the UK, and aimed to pinpoint what perks they desire the most.

Some of the most notable findings from our survey were as follows:

  • The most commonly considered ‘office perk’ is free tea and coffee, which is offered to 59% of office workers
  • Out of those who DO NOT receive office perks, civil servants constitute the largest proportion at 32%
  • 15% of office workers would willingly forego their bonuses in order to receive summer perks
  • The most desired summer perks are flexible hours (43%), followed by free ice-cream (33%)

If employers were to offer summer perks they would make 46% of office workers happier, and 37% more motivated.

Andrews Sykes

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