Employee Engagement: A road map – white paper 


Creating A Culture of Participation, Performance, & Profits

You can’t afford employees that are not engaged. They are less efficient; simply going through the motions rather than working to their full potential. They also have higher absenteeism and turnover rates. This all comes with a steep price tag. In the U.S. lost productivity costs organizations as much as 300 billion annually. A significant portion of payroll also becomes pure cost – with no return on investment – since disengaged employees give less while still receiving 100% of their salary. What about finding a replacement for an employee who chooses to leave? It can cost upwards of twice the departee’s salary. All of which directly impacts business outcomes.

Employee participation and performance leads to profits, as demonstrated by companies with high levels of engagement. What follows is our road map to help your organization join their ranks. It’s based on the work we do everyday to build engagement within leading companies. It’s not about annual surveys, reward catalogs, or initiatives that circle engagement but don’t deliver. It’s about results.

Be Social

“Traditional corporate communication must give way to a process that is more dynamic and more sophisticated. Most important, that process must be conversational.” — Harvard Business Review

There is value in two-way dialogue. It brings your organization together, provides insights, and transforms employees from passive recipients to active participants. Conversations lead to relationships, and relationships lead to affinity.

Pfizer saw this first-hand. By encouraging online participation among their workforce they moved from a broadcast to dialogue style of communication, and brought their community strategy of ‘Connect, Listen, Educate’ to life. They involved their employees in conversations about work and the company as a whole. This has created “…deeper connections between colleagues and the company’s purpose,” says Nicholas Patrick, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications. No small feat given that Pfizer has approximately 100,000 global employees.

Talk with your workforce, rather than at them. Give them a voice, and you all win.

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