Employee Engagement in Theory & Practice 

Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice

Edited by Catherine Truss, Kerstin Alfes, Rick Delbridge, Amanda Shantz, Emma Soane

Employee engagement, as both a way of managing employees and in terms of the psychological experience of work, is currently of great significance to employers and employees alike. A weight of evidence supporting the need for employee engagement to increase office performance and productivity has emerged in recent years.

Routledge proudly presents Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice, a comprehensive yet accessible look at the necessity of employee engagement. This book provides both a critical reflection on engagement and real-world solutions to engagement dilemmas. It brings together the latest thinking and academic research on engagement with some practical examples and case studies that show how organizations have gone about developing and implementing engagement strategies. It explores for the first time some of the implications for HRM theory raised by the concept of engagement.

The contributors to this edited book provide insight not only into the roots of engagement within positive psychology, but also consider engagement within an international and comparative context, and raise some challenging questions about engagement from the perspective of critical management studies.

About the Editors:

Catherine Truss is Head of the People, Management and Organization Group at Kent Business School, University of Kent, UK.
Kerstin Alfes is Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.
Rick Delbridge is Dean of Research for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Organizational Analysis in Cardiff Business School at Cardiff University, UK.
Amanda Shantz is Assistant Professor in the School of Human Resource Management at York University, Canada.
Emma Soane is Lecturer in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

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