Spotlight On The Employee Engagement Profession – Only 25% have a company wide definition of employee engagement 

People Lab have recently launched ‘Spotlight On The Employee Engagement’ survey. We are conducting this research to better understand why there is a gap between the increased focus on employee engagement and the slow rate of improvement in employee engagement in workplaces:

  • HR Review reported that HR elite spend 15% of their time on employee engagement a week
  • CIPD Employee Engagement Index for 2015 in the UK is at 39%, only up 1% point from 2014. (click here to see our blog for more info)
  • Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends Report states ‘culture and engagement were rated the most important challenge of 2015.

So what is going on? We asked you for your feedback and we thought we’d share a few interesting insights we’ve observed so far:

  • 73% say they have not had any formal employee engagement training, (despite 35% having a +5 year focus, and 32% having a 2-5 year focus on employee engagement)
  • 75% do not have a company wide definition of employee engagement, and of those that do, only 12% say their employee engagement definition is well understood.
  • Just 43% have an employee engagement strategy.
  • 47% don’t believe the impact of employee engagement is well measured.

While these are just our initial findings, the indications are that there is a gap between a focus on employee engagement, and subsequent implementation and measurement. It seems that companies are still unsure what needs to be done to improve employee engagement. The results so far show a lack of understanding of company’s definition of employee engagement, plus, little investment and development in this area. Less than half have an employee engagement strategy, and, or, believe the impact of employee engagement is well measured. We still have a long way to go.

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