White Paper: Employee Engagement in the Banking Sector 

Dale Carnegie Training teamed with MSW Research to study the functional and emotional elements that affect employee engagement in the Banking Industry. A national representative sample of 150 banking employees revealed that a little over one-third of those surveyed were identified as being “Fully Engaged” while about 1 out of 7 were “Disengaged”. At the same time, the “Disengaged” and the “Partially Disengaged” groups totalled 65% of the workforce. People who are in the technical areas of Banking are the most engaged, followed by the VP level. At the same time, those earning less than $50K are also among the most engaged.


  • Thirty five percent of banking employees believe that their leadership is moving their companies in the right direction, and nearly two-thirds of these people are engaged, whereas only one in five of those that disagree are engaged. Boosting the numbers who believe that senior leadership is moving the organisation in the right direction will boost employee engagement.
  • Overall Satisfaction with the organisation is the second most important functional value impacting Employee Engagement.
  • People who feel that their immediate supervisors set a good example are engaged. Unfortunately only 32% of banking employees report that their immediate supervisor sets a good example for them to follow.
  • Reaction to the Immediate Supervisor explains 79% of how employees feel about their organisation. A good supervisor makes people feel valued and assured, but a great supervisor generates a feeling of enthusiasm. These three emotions are the primary drivers of Employee Engagement among Banking employees. 51% of all Banking Employees feel at least one of these three emotions, but no one feels all three.

The short yet succinct paper reveals some interesting findings and can be viewed here fully for free without downloading.

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