Leadership and Engagement (Phase 2)


Leadership and Engagement in the Construction Industry

The story so far:

The Leadership & Engagement group has been busy researching how to improve productivity and engagement levels within the construction industry.

With the endorsement of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), construction companies were sought to take part in the research, culminating in a tailor made Leadership & Engagement survey. The CITB supported this research both financially and by sharing details of a previous study on awareness of Distributed Leadership within the Industry.


Three well-known construction companies have so far taken part in this wide-ranging programme. The initial survey results have shown clear linkage between Leadership & Engagement. Practical guidance is being prepared for the construction Industry to show the leadership actions that can have the greatest effect on engagement. In addition, 2 of the companies that took part produced a case study about their valuable experience of the EFS research.

Report released

In Spring 2018 the research and its conclusions were released as the CITB Snapshot report “Building Engagement: Encouraging Leadership in Construction”. The report, producedin collaboration with the CITB, Henley Business School and University of West of England highlights the links between leadership and engagement in organisations within the construction industry and highlights practical steps that can be taken to further develop engagement within these organisations.

Its findings and recommendations are likely to be of interest and have practical application beyond the construction industry alone, so do check out what it has to say.

Copies can be downloaded here

The future

There is plenty more for the TAG to continue with!

• CITB will, in conjunction with this group, encourage construction companies to extend their engagement surveys to correlate Leadership with Engagement.

• Seek out additional sectors to research the linkage between Leadership & Engagement

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