Line Manager Thought and Action Group

Line Manager Thought and Action Group

Line managers are fundamental in driving and maintaining employee engagement. Although they are a key driver, we know little about how line managers influence employee engagement. The aim of the line manager TAG is to explore the role of the line manager in implementing and sustaining engagement initiatives.

The line manager TAG has a number of objectives:

  • Undertaking case study research with organisations across the UK
  • Development of a line manager TAG community
  • Conducting action learning sets to help focus and shape the direction of the TAG and research in this area

If you are interested in joining the line manager TAG community, or if you think your organisation might be interested in being a case study, please contact Sarah Pass (Group Lead) via email at sarah.pass@ntu.ac.uk

TAG Team

TAG Lead – Sarah Pass (NTU Staff Profile)

Research Team:

Derek Watling (NTU Staff Profile)

Nadia Kougiannou (NTU Staff Profile)

Maranda Ridgway

Val Caven (NTU Staff Profile)

Steering Group:

Luke Fisher

Mark Wilkinson

Jacqueline Reed

Lesley Fenwick

Darren Mossemenear

Craig Rollason

Rory Campbell

Sarah Ingoldby

Lesley Kaye (Company Website)


To kick-start the group, an event was held at Nottingham Business School for senior HR professionals and organisational leaders in September 2016.

David MacLeod delivered a compelling keynote, emphasising the importance of line managers and the need for further research in this area.

David was followed by industry speakers, Liz Reilly (iMatter Programme Manager, Scottish Government Health Workforce Directorate), Debra Corey (Group Reward Director at Reward Gateway), and Maira Probin (Engagement Specialist) who shared their experiences and offered thought-provoking insight into the challenges of engaging line managers with employee engagement.

The event was also an excellent opportunity to sit down and talk to delegates about how to focus and shape future research on the role line managers.

line managers

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