Our Thinkers and Doers

Our Thinkers and Doers

Our thinkers and doers include practitioners, academics, researchers, consultants, service providers, or representatives from membership organisations and professional bodies, all with extensive experience in the theory and practice of employee engagement.

Many of these experienced people come together to explore how to make new contributions to the field and share good practice and are willing to volunteer their expertise and time to further the aims of the movement.

They support employee engagement practitioners and leaders across the UK by providing insight, evidence, ideas, advice and experience on a range of engagement topics. They may have specific areas of expertise such as Leadership and Coaching, Wellbeing, Employee Voice and Innovation to name a few.

These experienced people are led by our Thought and Action Steering Group.

Their activities include:

  • Positive advocacy and support for the Engage for Success movement
  • Contributing to discussions on specific engagement topics, providing insight and latest thinking where appropriate
  • Developing regional and local ‘thought and action’ networks and hubs to plan and deliver events and activities
  • Forming regional, local, industry or topic specific network groups to learn and share from each other
  • Providing content for the Practical Tools and Resources section of the Engage for Success website
  • Providing ideas, solutions and hints and tips on how to deliver the various drivers of engagement e.g. coaching to stretch people, visible empowering leadership etc.
  • Leading Thought and Action Groups which focus on specific engagement topics and provide outputs for the benefit of the wider Task Force community, including writing White Papers
  • Providing evidence and case studies that support the business case for employee engagement
  • Helping to raise the profile and awareness of employee engagement and equip people to develop and deploy employee engagement approaches
  • Speaking at EFS conferences
  • Writing blog articles for EFS, or writing their own blog about employee engagement
  • Hosting webinars

If you want to participate in these activities or run an event, join us on social media and let us know who you are and what you would like to be involved in.

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