Our Virtual Content Team

Our Virtual Content Team

Established in 2017, our Virtual Content Team are a group of volunteers who’re interested in spreading the word about employee engagement. The purpose of the team is to Amplify, Curate and Expand on content that’s relevant to employee engagement.

If you’d like to volunteer, read our ‘We’re looking for new recruits!’ article or get in touch with Sian who is currently leading on our Virtual Content Team: sian@engageforsuccess.org.

Meet the team…

Oliver Blackwell

Once upon a time, I ran global people strategy and international events.  Now I’ve followed heart and soul into working as a writer and consultant, with focus on people, culture and sustainability.  I work with subject matter experts to manage their projects from concept to completion, so they can focus on other priorities.

Working with leaders to help them inspire and influence has emerged as a defining purpose from my career to date – engaging my talent, energy and experience more powerfully than any other cause.

My children are my greatest inspiration.  I strive to be the best father I can by being the best me I can be.

LinkedIn | www.makeitmeaningful.co.uk

Cat Barnard

Co-founder of Working the Future – passionate about the future of work, and how to mitigate the impact that disruptive changes will have on humans.  An accredited business coach, with a deep interest in emerging technologies, psychology and anthropology and how technological advances impact societies.  Outside work, I love walking, theatre, music and swimming.

Inspired by the work of Adam Grant and Daniel Pink.

LinkedIn | @workingfuture1 | www.workingthefuture.com

Nathaniel Johnston

Nathaniel is lead for engagement and OD at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Nathaniel’s passion is helping teams and organisations to be the brightest places for their employees enabling them to be advocates that are inspired by the work they do. Outside of work, Nathaniel supports engagement and social media for Opening Doors London a charity supporting older LGBT people across the Capital.

Something that inspires me are the colleagues I get to work with who deliver care to the sickest people in the Capital. It is a privilege to work alongside them.


Pauline Foster

Pauline founded pfk in 1999. Recently refreshed, reinvigorated and relaunched as the communications agency to better reflect the business proposition, pfk provides everything needed from an internal communications agency – consultancy and planning, research and evaluation, creative services, copy writing, coaching…even branded cupcakes… with the ultimate aim of improving employee engagement and making work a great place to be.

Pauline was jointly commended with Grass Roots at the 2014 Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC) Central Awards, for a ten-month change programme she led at Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group. Named ‘Engaging for Success’, the programme engaged over 1300 people at 17 events, where they worked together to help break down barriers and improve employee engagement.

LinkedIn | @pfkcommsagency | https://www.facebook.com/commsagency/

Kay Galpin

HR person, psychology student and researcher interested in how teams can maximise performance and well being through great team design, culture, engagement and leadership.

Inspired by walking with the dog, climbing hills, looking at the stars, hearing beautiful music and running as fast and as far as I can.

LinkedIn | The Human Factor

Richard Louw

I have spent over 14 years in the civil service in various frontline operational delivery and transformation environments.  I am  a Senior Officer in Border Force and a qualified Senior Business Analyst.

Inspired by Major Scotty Mills (Royal Marine Commandos) OC Hunter company – a true leader in every sense of the word, someone who leads by example and with Integrity. Major Mills is one of the few genuine, authentic leaders who inspire through a strong personal narrative and a rock solid core belief system.


Michelle Gant

Director of The Engaging People Company and passionate about empowering happy workplaces. Coach, facilitator, writer too, and committed to workplace wellbeing.

I am really inspired by the Time to Think approach as it empowers thinking in an inclusive way where everyone is an equal thinker.

LinkedIn | @engagepeopleco

Cathy Wright

I’m currently working at Newbury College of FE, supporting the aim of becoming an outstanding college through an engaged team. I’ve worked across distribution, retail, hospitality and now further education, I’ve met great people on the way and I’d like to think that I’ve helped to build successful teams through trust and working together. This is my first step for a while into something outside of the day to day workplace and being a mum and it feels good.

Inspired by my son and his friends, their enthusiasm and expectations of life and how we keep that alive through the teens and later in life. I see young students aged 14+ who need to feel engaged with life and work and inspirational lecturers who help them on their journey.

Liz Clayton-Jones

For many years my focus has been driving and embedding engagement across the different Mars business concerns in the UK, alongside sitting on advisory groups for the European region and Global engagement team. I now coach/mentor individuals and teams and support organisations in their engagement aspirations alongside a regional learning & development role.

My inspiring quote: “You don’t build a business. You build people, and then people build the business” [Zig Ziglar]

LinkedIn | @LizClaytonJones

Lindsay Narey

Internal communications person who has worked across local government, retail, criminal justice and housing.  I’m fascinated by people and their career journeys (some may say nosy) What motivates them to do a great job, believe in what they do and want to stay and thrive with a particular organisation.  And equally – what factors are at play when engagement goes wrong.

I’m inspired by discovering new places, new music and new things to read, and like to combine all of these things as often as possible. I always come back from a holiday, or time spent in a record store or a book shop, with a head full of ideas, along with a considerably reduced bank balance!

LinkedIn | @LinzeeN

Content written, curated and edited by our Virtual Content Team

How employee engagement helped to create EE and turn it into the number one ‘best big company to work for’

  Written by: Oliver Blackwell, Business Writer at Meaningful and EFS Virtual Content Team volunteer     Learning points Achieving change objectives through workforce engagement must originate at the very top of the organisation and be driven determinedly down through every level, consistently and continuously. For a stronger return from their investment, employers need to […]

Let’s have FUN!

Enforced fun, mandatory merriment – any attempt to inject a blast of jollity into the workplace can often strike fear into the hearts of the cheeriest of types. There you are, trying to be productive and motor through your to-do list, when suddenly you’re obliged to ctrl-alt-delete to go battle your colleagues at ping-pong or […]

Why placing ‘People at the Heart of Business’ is vital for success in the future of work

Set against a back-drop of endless Brexit negotiations, and ongoing economic challenge, the 2018 Engage for Success conference provided refreshing perspective and reason for hope. ‘People at the heart of business’ could, at face value, appear to be a bold assertion, but as a range of keynote speakers, including business leaders and CEOs, told stories […]

Taking the ‘human’ angle – a positive approach from Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD

Peter Cheese will be speaking at this year’s Engage for Success Conference, 22 March 2018. I first heard Peter Cheese speak in the summer of 2016 when he gave a talk about the future of work to the Association for Business Psychology at the University of Westminster.  It was a crowded room in which you […]

Addressing the Future of Work – what can we learn from Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA?

Matthew Taylor is a keynote speaker at this year’s Engage for Success Conference, 22 March 2018. Hardly a day goes by now without the future of work featuring in some media content or other.  There is so much to think about: technology (think Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics) replacing humans, the rise of self-employment, the […]

Multi-generational working and the dangers of pigeon-holing

There’s been quite a bit in the media recently about millennials and multi-generational working in the workplace, some of it triggered by a YouTube clip by published author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek. In the clip, Simon states that a common perception of millennials in the workplace is that they are “tough to manage”. The […]

The importance of being engaged

I’ve just finished a really great book, recommended by my friend Andy. The book is called The Hard Thing about Hard Things and is by US technology entrepreneur and now venture capitalist, Ben Horowitz. Ben worked at the heart of Silicon Valley during its boom years, but also endured the challenge of the dot.com crash. He set […]

Reflective leadership

Reflective leadership is something relatively new to me as a formal concept, I have over the years thought about my own personal leadership skills so maybe in hindsight I was being reflective? One of the best ways of describing reflective leadership is from a web article I discovered whilst researching this narrative. “Reflective leadership is […]

Curated article: Some food for thought on building a culture that supports engagement…

I’ve spent some time browsing the Engage for Success website and have picked out some of my favourite resources about culture. Culture is complicated and can be described as, “A set of shared, taken for granted, implicit assumptions that a group holds” (Schein, 1996, p. 236) It can be all encompassing, is often historically determined […]

The role of the Engagement Business Partner is to make themselves redundant

“The role of the Engagement Business Partner is to make themselves redundant” The above statement is perhaps a little startling; many of you reading this may currently be in these roles, actively working to start, stimulate, raise or maintain engagement in organisations – yours or those of others.  Others of you will perhaps be seeking […]

EFS Task Force Interview: Nick Creswell

It is a huge pleasure to meet Nick in person having followed him on Twitter for a number of years. Arriving at the Thomson Reuters offices at Canary Wharf (having crossed the Capital from my office in a Victorian nursing accommodation block in Paddington), I feel that I have not only crossed the city but […]

EFS Task Force Interview: Martyn Dicker – The Power of a Simple Thank You

Hear from Martyn Dicker, Director of People and Learning at The Prince’s Trust, member of the Engage for Success Task Force and chair of its Not for Profit Thought and Action Group. Sarah: So, starting off with the basics, what does “Employee Engagement” mean to you? Martyn: For me, employee engagement is more than just being […]

EFS Task Force Interview: Francis Goss

  I first met Francis Goss in 2012, when he was Head of Employee Engagement at Grass Roots. I’d just started in the role of Head of Engagement and Internal Comms for an aerospace business and was busy planning their first ever leadership conference, with employee engagement as its theme. After spending a day at […]

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