Charles Cotton, Senior Performance and Reward Adviser, at CIPD recently produced a report on UK reward management. And now, ahead of the 23rd Annual Financial Sector Compensation and Benefits Conference, Charles shares his views with Marcus Evans  about:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on compensation and benefits related decisions
  • How the pandemic has affected retention and ESG-specific metrics
  • What financial firms should do to ensure decisions made during a stressful event are fair
  • Financial firms’ adeptness in applying people analytics
  • The benefits of attending this conference and what can attendees can expect to learn from his much anticipated session

Charles will be presenting during Day 2 of the conference on 16 July, 2021. His tête-è-tête will be all about how to manage and communicate with disgruntled employees and retain talent despite decisions surrounding pay.

To read the full interview, register for the online conference, or to access the full conference agenda, please click here.

Photo credit: Konstantin Evdokimov on Unsplash

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