People Productivity Thought and Action Group


Why Productivity?

Productivity is core to the Industrial Strategy. Productivity is reported by ONS 

Productivity is a measure of the amount of output a business produces for a unit of input. In its simplest form, labour productivity measures the amount of output produced per worker: higher productivity means that a business produces more output for each worker it employs.

The links between people and productivity are critical to success, yet when leaders and Executives refer to productivity, their language and thinking are more likely to be transactional and refer to outputs and volume.


The Purpose of the TAG

The purpose of the TAG is to promote and develop the links between people and productivity and the impact on business results.

We will be exploring the following:  

  • What is People Productivity?  
  • What isn’t People Productivity 
  • How do you best achieve it?  
  • How can you measure it? 
  • How do you sustain a People Productivity culture? 


Our Ambitions

Our ambition is that this TAG will lead to

  • Exec Board value the contribution that people productivity adds to their business results. 
  • Exec Board become more interested in exploring new and different approaches to employee engagement/ increasing employee voice as they become more aware of the drivers of Sustainable People Productivity.  
  • EfS is regarded as ‘thought-leader’ and place to go to access curated resource in respect of Sustainable People Productivity.


Initially, this exploration will be through on-line conversations to explore a variety of different ways of approaching the people productivity challenge faced by the UK.

The intention is to share key themes emerging, tips, and techniques to increase People Productivity. This will be achieved through Engage for Success newsletters, podcasts, blogs, webinars, and a White Paper, as well as a conference to share, learn,  and inspire. Watch this space for more details on the People Productivity Conference in Birmingham, scheduled for 2 July, 2021.

People Productivity is likely to result in multiple workstreams as conversations develop, including conversations with and a forum for leaders; exploring differences across sectors. 

We know that many of the responses to this challenge will be consistent with our mission to promote employee engagement. 

Join the Conversation

We have monthly online conversations to explore a variety of different ways of approaching the people productivity challenge faced by the UK.  

Please join our LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8964370/ to connect with us. Check Engage for Success Events Calendar to join our next conversations. 

Want to know more?

Please contact one of our volunteers, our People Productivity Catalysts and Thought Leaders: 

Fiona Anderson, Culture Catalyst, valuingYOU and My Change Expert fiona.anderson@mychangeexpert.com  

Hagit Amsterdam, practitioner Organisational Psychologist hagit.amsterdam@gmail.com 

Dr. Sarah Pass, Senior Lecturer in HRM at NTU, sarah.pass@ntu.ac.uk 

Jill Munden, Executive Coach and Change Consultant, Mind Reach and My Change Expert, jill@mychangeexpert.com 

Scott Rolph, BT- global head of ci & transformation, scott.rolph@bt.com, 

Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Engagement & Communications at One Housing and co-founder of the Employee Experience Opportunity  

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