Because I’m happy! Be more engaged at work by focusing on the positives 

It’s great to have a good old moan about our jobs. We feel a lot better afterwards. No workplace is perfect and it’s great to hang out at the water cooler putting things right. But there’s a risk that, at times, we only focus on the negative. To avoid heading into a bottomless pit of despair, it’s useful to remember the good things too.

Friends at work

Without doubt, having friends at work can make the day a lot more enjoyable. It’s great to have colleagues that you can share banter with and pass on office gossip. Without that friendship, the workplace can become a very isolating place. Cherish those relationships you have at work – they’re vital to your emotional well-being!


We all thrive on challenges. Whether you are a keen sportsperson, musician or crossword enthusiast, ensure that your workplace gives you a similar feeling of challenge. Enjoy achieving some of those tough objectives set by your boss. It may be painful and annoying at times, but, on completion, you’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction. If you’re not being challenged, do something about it!


Even if you love your work, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of looking forward to a holiday. When they are well-deserved and totally different from your normal day, holidays offer a real chance to relax. Perhaps it’s the contrast.

Would holidays ever feel as special if you never needed to work?

Money, money, money

Receiving that pay-slip at the end of the month is a fabulous feeling. It’s yours! You’ve earned it! There are people who value your contribution, skills and abilities and are willing to pay money for it. What could be better?

What’s the alternative?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, imagine the alternative. However bad your job is, imagine your life without one. That puts things into perspective.

It’s quite normal and even therapeutic for us to moan and grumble about our jobs, but if we don’t stop every now and then to focus on the positives, we’ll be missing out on the other half of the picture. Improve your engagement at work by considering what‘s good about your workplace. After all, happiness can be found in even the most mundane and ordinary places. As recognised by American social reformer, Henry Ward Beecher, “the art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things”. Have a nice day!

Heather Foley is a consultant at etsplc.com, a UK-based HR consultancy

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