Successful or unsuccessful – what do you want to be? That is the question. 


Could you be more successful at work? One view is that skills, timing and hard work all play their part, not just fluke or luck, and that wasting time, getting distracted easily, not setting goals, fearing change are factors that lead us away from success. So are your habits those of a successful person or an unsuccessful person? Check out the attached infographic from Success Stories and what descriptors best apply to you.

Some people we admire because they seem always to be on the go, driving forward, and getting on in life. But if we were to dig a little deeper, most people would admit to needing downtime, to having some area of their life where things lie undone at the bottom of the in tray. We all need time to relax and replenish our inner selves, whether on the golf course or the football pitch, creating delicious food or a great garden, refurbishing our house or partying with friends. But should we be content when certain tasks lie unmoving at the bottom of the in tray? Why don’t we get on with them? Are they saying something to us about ourselves we don’t want to hear, and are they holding us back from fully engaging with work, and fully using our talents?

If we tackled those tasks, it might help us move on and move forward. We might need to get better at managing our time, focussing on what needs doing, shifting away from our comfort zone. By doing so, we might find ourselves more satisfied at work and with life and achieving greater success.

What have you done to improve how you work, tackle the things that drift to the bottom of your in tray and be more inspired, motivated and successful at work?

Infographics designed by SuccessStory.com

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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