Earlier this year, ACAS published evidence on the use of fire and rehire practices at work. In response, the Government asked ACAS to produce guidance to help employers explore all other options first before considering fire and rehire to change employee contracts.

ACAS advises that the practice of fire and rehire is an extreme step that can damage staff morale, productivity, working relations and can also lead to industrial action. Based on the advice, organisations that are considering contract changes should fully consult with all affected staff and their representatives in a genuine and meaningful way.

The advice is especially helpful if both sides are finding it difficult to arrive at an agreement, includes tips on how to:

·         keep discussions constructive;

·         explore alternative options to reach a compromise; and

·         stay focused on trying to reach consensus. 

The full advice is available here. A Frontify Employer Process Map on ‘Varying an Employment Contract’ can be accessed here.

Author: Chau Doan – Stakeholder Communications Manager, ACAS

Photo credit: Pixabay

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