28th March 2014


by: Jo Dodds


Tags: Employee Matters, Video


Categories: Engage for Success Blog

QUMU eBook: 10 ways video can help you achieve Employee Engagement

Engage for Success regularly state only how one third of employees worldwide feel engaged with their jobs. Businesses all over the globe are trying to understand and develop the ways in which workers interact with their jobs and how to make those interactions successful and satisfying to improve both the quality of life of their employees as well as the quality of work they do. Engagement is the fuel that drives good work, and without it, employees aren’t putting in their best efforts to deliver the highest-grade of output they can.

Video in the workplace is increasingly being used by some of the worlds largest companies to connect employees to each other as well as to the overall messages and  direction of the business at large. This leaves employees feeling engaged and ready to return to work and give their best efforts.

In the new eBook, 10 Ways Video Can Help You Achieve Employee Engagement, insights are provided into how video can be a critical tool in encouraging employees to do their best work and feel connected and engaged with their jobs. The eBook has a foreward from Engage for Success Programme Director too.