23rd January 2013


by: Jo Dodds


Tags: Private Sector, Research


Categories: Research

Report: The many contexts of Employee Engagement

This 2012/2013 Worktrends Report by Kenexa looks at the responses by employees from 28 different countries and the extent to which they agree with the following 4 statements (asked as part of Kenexa’s Worktrends Survey which has been carried out annually or biannually since 1984):

  • I am proud to tell people I work for my organization (Pride)
  • Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my organization as a place to work (Satisfaction)
  • I would gladly refer a good friend or family member to my organization for employment (Advocacy) 
  • I rarely think about looking for a new job with another organization (Commitment)

The report looks at the state of employee engagement in the world today and how different contexts (year, country, industry, organisation, people and job amongst others) can affect engagement and the levels of engagement attainable within each of these different contexts.

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