11th February 2014


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Revolution in engagement surveys: Thymometrics

Forget the annual survey – Thymometrics monitors engagement in real time while Miituu catches people’s body language and emotions as well.glorialombardi

Gloria Lombardi states in a recent article how building a culture of employee engagement isn’t an annual event. So, why should companies get a sense of what is happening inside their organisations only once per year? As the demand for agility and speed of change has been exponentially accelerating, isn’t it perhaps time to approach measurement in a different way?

A different approach to survey: always-on!

Thymometrics provides businesses with the opportunity to get employees’ feedback on an on-going basis. Because the tool is always available, workers can express their feelings, voice and work satisfaction whenever they have something to say.

“It is important for the organisation’s health that people are encouraged to have a say regularly. Common and frequent situations like getting a pay rise, moving office or having a new manager coming in can have huge impacts on individuals’ happiness and productivity” says Godden. He believes: “measurement should be done every two weeks, or at least once a month.”

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