23rd February 2018


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Show #241: Crafting Better Work

Special Guests: Rob Baker, Founder, Tailored Thinking

Rob is at his best when working with people to thrive – finding meaning, engagement and happiness in what we do.

Rob have been exploring these themes all his life through his hands-on work with executives, managers and their teams as an HR leader and consultant, his study and research in the fields of positive psychology and wellbeing science and as a sports coach and former international athlete. He’s a Fellow of the CIPD and the Australian HR Institute.

Bringing our whole and best selves to work is where he specialises and Rob has worked with organisations ranging from digital start-ups to multi-nationals do this through job crafting. His research on this topic has been presented at national and international academic and professional conferences.

Job Crafting enables and encourages people to personalise their approach to work, harnessing their own individual strengths, talents and interests, to make work more meaningful, productive and fun. Rob will explain some of the thinking and research behind job crafting and some stories and case studies of how it is being applied.

Join us as we talk about the business case and benefits for applying a personal, more human approach to work.

Host: Jo Moffatt

Listen Live Here (archive available)