24th June 2015


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Sir Brendan Barber launches new report to help solve UK’s productivity problem

Published today, Wednesday 24 June, a new ACAS report Building Productivity.

Brendan Barber examines how the UK could improve productivity through the lens of the workplace.

Brendan identifies seven levers of workplace productivity, many of which will resonate with employee engagement practitioners:

  • Well designed work
  • Skilled line managers
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Clarity about rights and responsibilities
  • Fairness
  • Employee voice
  • High trust

The report also contains contributor views on the parts HR, business, skills, small firms, employee engagement (from EFS’s own David McLeod and Nita Clarke) and employee voice. So lots of links to employee engagement, and lots to stimulate our thinking about improving our workplaces and thereby improving UK productivity.