International Employee Engagement Subgroup 

This February the International Engagement subgroup launched its first event, ‘Showcase and Share’, a collaborative working session for engagement specialists with experience or interest in building engagement in international organisations or multicultural environments.

Collectively Create ‘Knowledge Nuggets’

The event was fantastically attended by over 35 engagement professionals who teamed up into 6 working groups. The aim of the day was to collectively create ‘knowledge nuggets’ drawn from the wealth of experience of the participants. These ‘knowledge nuggets’ are designed to be practical tools which start to solve engagement challenges in international or culturally diverse workplaces.

We learned that many of us face common challenges without obvious solutions, creating an appetite for continued sharing and developing of our knowledge

We were joined on the day by David MacLeod & Nita Clarke who, together with the teams, helped to generate some case studies. Using a range of facilitation exercises, the energy in the room was really high. The focus on the task was evident but at the same time it was clear that a wealth of networking was taking place. David MacLeod said that ‘the buzz and the ideas in the room were greatly energising’ –energy which has enabled the subgroup to start a journey that really benefits global and multicultural organisations. Another participant said, ‘I have to carefully select which of these kind of events I accept due to work load, but I’m so glad I came. It is one of the most energising days I have had in a long time. Thank you.’

Joined By Bertolt Daems Sharing His Inspiring Engagement Perspective

We were also joined by Bertolt Daems, 2012 president of the Junior International Chamber, an organisation which aims to create an international network of young professionals. Bertolt has visited 55 countries in the past year alone, and shared his inspiring perspective on how engagement comes from within, but organisations must get to know and strive to create the right environment
that inspires that commitment and passion in each individual. ‘Engagement is not a game, a trick or a skill. As a leader the only way engagement will be activated is to let your own engagement come from our passion and show it on the work floor’.

Continuing to Request Input, Involvement and Sharing

Whilst we continue to develop the case studies we collected on the day, we want to keep the forum opening by using social media tools to further the debate on some evolving themes. By doing this we’ll give ownership of the work created to the wider community. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing our platform for diversifying the conversation on international engagement – a space for YOU to get involved!

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