The 3 E’s of Productivity 

At a recent #PeopleProductivity event, Mike Sharples, CEO Brand Experiences and myself ran a session on linking motivation to productivity. We introduced the 3Es of productivity, which we’d like to highlight the importance of here. Productivity, of course, leads to performance, so it’s a vital aspect of any organisation and which demands attention.

Energy: This is the motivation people bring to the role. The more energy people have, the better they’ll perform.

Environment: This is the working conditions. What tools and systems are in place? What support mechanisms are there for employees? Etc.

Emotion: This is how people are feeling. What is their mindset? Do they have an emotion connection to the organisation? How are colleagues connecting with each other? Etc.

A metaphor

Think of the organisation as the vehicle.

Productivity is the journey. Do people know where they want to get to? Have they been there before?

Energy is the fuel. Is there enough to make the journey? If not, how do you obtain more?

Environment is the route. Is it mapped out? Are lots of others travelling to the same place? What’s the road surface like? What’s the weather like?

Emotion is the driver. Do people know how to operate the vehicle? Are they in the right frame of mind? Will they get frustrated by other drivers?

As you can see, you need all the elements to make a successful journey. The easiest element to make a quick shift is the energy.

In my next blog I’ll give some evidence of the link between motivation (energy) and productivity.

Author Bio: Nicholas Wardle, Head of Employee Engagement and Communications

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