The SMiLE Index 

How can you tell your boss that your organisation is lagging behind in the adoption of internal social media? Or how do you know how well you are succeeding compared to other organisations in your sector?

The SMiLE Index (Social Media in the Large Enterprise) is the most comprehensive and accurate analysis available – and it’s free for all to use.

The Index helps you assess where your organisation is on its journey towards a collaborative internal social network.

Are your colleagues co-creating across the silos or are they stifled by the hierarchy? How do you show your boss that you are behind the curve and losing the competitive advantage that an employee social network can give you?

So far 120 organisations have completed the Index Questionnaire, which takes about 10 minutes.

The experts at SMiLE have translated the scores into a place on the Index so you can see how you are doing against your peers.

How the Index works

The Index measures the extent to which your organisation has the technology in place to collaborate against your tendency to collaborate.

We estimate that around 55% of large enterprises are still dabbling with a social network but have not seriously put any resources or effort into getting people onboard.

The index is ongoing: find out where you stand by answering the 6 questions in the SMiLE Index; we will work out where you sit on the Index and publish the results.

SMILE_Index_2016_July PDF

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