The National Assembly for Wales: Working in partnership with Engage for Success 

Mae’r dudalen hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg / This page is also available in Welsh

The National Assembly for Wales are working in partnership with Engage for Success to help promote employee engagement across Wales.

The success of how well the Assembly engage their employees is demonstrated in their achievement of Investors in People Gold standard and by their staff survey scores. By supporting Engage for Success, the Assembly will have the opportunity to celebrate and promote Engage for Success in Wales.

The Assembly will host the launch of Engage for Success in Wales in the iconic Pierhead building on Tuesday, 17 October 2017 to help promote best practice in engagement and leadership. The event is sponsored by Joyce Watson AM (Commissioner for Equalities, and the Commission as the employer of Assembly staff).

Engage for Success in Wales

Building relationships and connecting with our employees is something we do really well in Wales. Engagement could therefore well prove to be our key approach to driving up productivity in Wales. Employee engagement is directly linked with levels of work place performance and productivity. This means that irrespective of whichever sector we work in, engaging our workforce is a ‘must have’ and not a ‘desirable’.

If you’d like to find out more about employee engagement in Wales, please visit the Wales Thought and Action Group web page.

Engagement quotes

Manon Antoniazzi

Chief Executive and Clerk of the Assembly, The National Assembly for Wales

Chris Elias

Chair Engage for Success Wales, Head of Internal Communications, IPO

‘Whatever sector we look at, however large or small the organisation, engaged employees are essential to realising the outcomes that our businesses are working toward. You can’t buy engagement nor employ people that are engaged, it’s about the relationship between the person and the organisation – and in that sense it really is priceless. Instead in needs investment of another kind. A human kind. Sparking conversations, listening, building relationships and supporting all those around you to achieve brilliant things that are best for them, the organisation and the people it serves.’ #E4S #E4Swales #EngagedEnergy #byddainwych

Barbara Chidgey

Event Coordinator, Engage for Success Wales, BSc Dunelm, AMEC

‘I believe that engagement is quintessentially about connecting authentically with an individual’s belief and emotions so that they want to contribute to the team, project, business or community achieving its defined mission and goal(s). They understand too what their role is in this and how what they do contributes to helping that vision and goal(s) become a reality.’ #conversationalleadership #engagement’

Greg Evans

Speaker, Engage for Success Wales Event, Operations Director, Horizon Nuclear Power

Jo Hicks

Chair, Engage for Success Wales Event, Director, Academi Wales

‘Everyday we make choices as leaders – our choice for ourselves must be to lead to learn and our choice for others must be to lead to engage – if we can get this right, everything else flows.’ #Leadingbychoice”

John-Mark Frost

Speaker, Engage for Success Wales Event

‘Colleague engagement is key in delivering good customer service.  Without our colleagues being at their best, we cannot provide the service that our customers deserve.’

Angela Hughes

Speaker, Engage for Success Wales Event, CEO, Wales Air Ambulance Trust

Rhodri Wyn Jones

Member, Engage for Success Wales, Organisational Development Manager, The National Assembly for Wales

‘Employee engagement exists in every single organisation. If we have the right structures in place we can help build the relationship between employees and their work, and at best, we can help employees flourish in the workplace. If we focus on our people we can make a real difference.’ #happinessintheworkplace #makeadifference

Sian Fording

Group Coordinator, Engage for Success Wales, Virtual Content Team Lead, Engage for Success

‘Engaging the people we work with should be at the heart of any organisation and we’re in a unique position in Wales develop deeper insights into what drives us. I believe that when we can see the value of our work we naturally increase our motivation to learn more, achieve more and bring more of ourselves to the workplace each day.’ #everydayengagement #lovewhereyouwork

Jonathan Matthews

Research Lead, Engage for Success Wales, Head of OCSD Central Support, DVLA

‘True staff engagement is about how you connect with individuals/teams. It’s the difference between being a ‘good’ and ‘great’ team/business. I believe the vital ingredients are how you develop, lead, communicate and review with staff. For the leaders who have engaged me, they have done this well by investing in my development, understanding my core values, provided autonomy and shown me what tomorrow will look like.’ #truestaffengagement

Wendy Edwards

Member and Sponsor, Engage for Success Wales, HR Professional, PwC

‘For any organisation engagement is an enabler (or a disabler) of the business strategy.  When you feel motivated and energised by your work, you are more able to contribute to the organisation, as well as achieving your aspirations. Engagement is about how you create the conditions to help your people reach their potential.’

James Dalton

Member and Sponsor, Engage for Success Wales, CEO, E3i Ltd – Making HR Easy!

‘It’s never been more important to have your people at the heart of your business, creating a company culture where people want to come to work and do their best for you and their customers. Our vision is to have workplaces where everyone enjoys their job, is managed by a great manager and where the business sees the benefits of an engaged workforce through their results.’ #greatmanager #ilovemyjob

Maggie Davies

Member, Engage for Success Wales, Head of Internal Communications, DVLA

‘For me, employee engagement is about creating a working environment in which people want to give their best – not have to. It should be at the forefront of any organisation looking to drive success.’ #communication #leadership #success

Toby Townrow

Member and Sponsor, Engage for Success Wales, MD, 10Eighty Cymru

‘Employee Engagement is key to helping reduce the productivity gap – better engaged employees lead to better outcomes for the organisation, the employee and its clients and customers. Getting towards a truly engaged workforce requires an organisation to examine each and every practice to understand its impact on employees. I’m really excited to be part of the Welsh journey to a better engaged workforce and seeing the benefits for the economy and for employees alike.’  #whywouldntyoudoit #youcantaffordnotto

Gary Gill

Director of Research, Engage for Success

‘Engagement works on many levels – such as with the rest of team, the line manager, the work and the organisation.  I believe a person can be engaged with all or just some of these, and those engagement levels can also vary over a given period. For me this is what makes ‘increasing employee engagement’ such a complex and fascinating challenge.’


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