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Are you an engagement practitioner of a large organisation with lots of staff working in different parts of the world? Would you and your organisation be willing to participate in research by the Engage for Success Cross Cultures Group to help explore how culture influences engagement? National cultures differ along the Individualism – Collectivism continuum. […]

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On Friday 23rd May the Engage for Success Cross Cultures Subgroup hosted ‘Engage the World’ event. There were a number of keynote speakers and the event had a great turnout. While employee engagement continues to be a priority, many UK-based multi-national organisations, as well as those embarking on geographic expansion, are seeking answers to tough […]

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DIY Employee Engagement Discovery Workshops – we need your help The cross cultures subgroup at Engage for Success has developed the DIY Discovery Workshop to identify what enables people in different global cultures to engage themselves at work for their own benefit and for the good of their institution.  Engage for Success was founded to help […]

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