The Future of Employee Engagement Thought Piece Collection

The Future of Employee Engagement Thought Piece Collection

The Future of Engagement: Thought Piece Collection

Employee engagement has been a focus for people management research and practice for around ten years now, making it beyond fad status to become embedded in many organisations. Equally, it has developed in more than one direction and we are far from having an agreed definition. So it seems a good point at which to take stock. Where have we got to with employee engagement? And more importantly, where will we take it in the future, both as a concept and area of practice?

The authors of these thought pieces, all experts in their field, offer different perspectives, based on their area of activity: HR practice, consultancy and research. Their varied contributions reflect a number of current discussions that take place in relation to employee engagement, including some of the more challenging perspectives that can easily be overlooked, and give strong pointers on what needs to happen next for the area to maintain relevance.

We think they provide plenty of food for thought and hope they will stimulate fruitful discussion on the future direction of employee engagement.

Download The Future of Engagement: Thought Piece Collection This publication is output from the original special interest group (SIG) on the Future of Employee Engagement. 

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Jonny Gifford

Jonny Gifford is a research adviser at the CIPD, having previously worked at Roffey Park Institute and the Institute for Employment Studies. His work spans various aspects of people management, employee relations and organisational culture, and he leads the CIPD’s research on employee engagement. Other interests include behavioural science, employee voice, dispute resolution and social technology. Jonny co-facilitates the Future of Employee Engagement Thought and Action Group with Dilys Robinson.

Dilys Robinson

Dilys Robinson is a principal research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), where she has led IES’s research into employee engagement since 2002. This focused firstly on defining and measuring engagement and assessing its drivers, and secondly on identifying engaging managerial behaviours. Dilys has been active in the Engage for Success movement since the very earliest days of the MacLeod Review.

Rob B. Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology, School of Management, University of Bath

Gary Cattermole, Co-founder and Director of The Survey Initiative”

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Richard Crouch, Director of HR, Organisational Development and Communications at Somerset County Council

Linda Holbeche, Co-Director of The Holbeche Partnership and Visiting Professor at Cass, Bedfordshire, Imperial College and London Metropolitan Business Schools

Paul Sparrow, Director of the Centre for Performance – led HR and Professor of International Human Resource Management at Lancaster University Management School

Martin Reddington, Management consultant and academic researcher at Martin Reddington Associate

Katie Bailey, Professor of Management and Director of Knowledge Exchange in the Department of Business and Management at Sussex University

David Smith, Chair of the Institute of Employment

John Purcell, Visiting Professor at the Bath University School of Management

Michael Silverman, Managing Director, Silverman Research