The Future of Engagement


Our workplaces are in the midst of significant transformation and we know that work in the future will look very different to how it has done in the past. Employee and co-worker engagement have never been more important, and for organisations, building committed and motivated workforces will be pivotal to commercial future success.

The purpose of the Future of Engagement TAG is to explore and share ideas for continued engagement – in spite of seismic change – and look at low-cost / no-cost ways to provide human connection in the workplace, which sits at the heart of any engagement initiative.

We meet up online and as our community grows will also arrange face-to-face events, to build connection and collaboration. If you're interested in joining this TAG, please get in touch by clicking on the 'contact' tab below.

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This group is co-chaired by Cathryn Barnard and Liz Clayton-Jones. 

Meet the Group

cathryn barnard

Co-Founder, Working the Future

liz clayton-jones

Founder, Beehive Performance Ltd.

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