Addressing the Future of Work – what can we learn from Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA? 

Matthew Taylor is a keynote speaker at this years Engage for Success Conference, 22 March 2018.

Cat Barnard

Hardly a day goes by now without the future of work featuring in some media content or other.  There is so much to think about: technology (think Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics) replacing humans, the rise of self-employment, the rise of the gig economy, changing attitudes towards working amongst younger cohorts, inter-generational working, job precocity; the list is endless and can feel pretty overwhelming.

For those of us interested in and invigorated by the topic of employee engagement, it can sometimes seem hard to imagine how we continue to promote engagement when the odds seem increasingly stacked against creating working environments where workers feel safe, secure and valued enough to be able to flourish.

It’s for this reason that I am particularly looking forward to hearing Matthew Taylor speak at the Engage for Success conference in London next month.  Last year, Matthew, who is Chief Executive at the Royal Society of Arts, was commissioned by UK Government to undertake an independent review of modern work practices with a view to promoting good and fair work for all.  Inevitably, significant spotlight fell on the rise of the gig economy and how best to protect self-employed workers who choose to or who have little choice but to work for platform-based companies that provide minimal job security.

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030 many of us could be working on a self-employed basis, something that will inevitably have seismic impact on both organisations and workers alike.

The RSA’s commitment to researching and reporting on the steps we must take societally and commercially to ensure that we have a future where we can both perform good work and feel valued for it is both impressive and inspiring.  Following the publication of the Taylor Report, I’m very much looking forward to hearing Matthew’s thoughts and insights on how we can create a better future of work and overcome some of the challenges facing the UK’s workplaces.

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Written by:
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