Employee Engagement: Hashtags of Note 

At our recent Volunteers’ Thank You Event we had a session where we talked about hashtags to follow and use in the employee engagement space. We thought it would be useful to share them here.

Hashtags are used to group content around a particular topic. They are used most often on Twitter and Instagram but are also useful on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as elsewhere on occasions!

You can search for and follow hashtags on social platforms to enable you to see the content that is being shared in relation to certain topics, e.g. here are the most recent tweets using the hashtag #employeeengagement 

Tools like Hootsuite can make it easy to keep an ongoing eye on postings using specific hashtags.

You can use hashtags when you post content yourself to ‘join a conversation’ around particular topics. We also talked about using hashtags to get your content in front of new audiences (this requires some thought so it doesn’t look like you’re ‘spamming’ a conversation, ie joining in with unrelated information).

Here are the hashtags that were shared and discussed at the event.

















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