Opportunities for secondees to contribute to ‘Engage for Success’ movement 

Engage for Success is a movement committed to the idea that there is a better way to work; a better way to enable personal growth, organisational growth and ultimately growth for Britain by releasing more of the capability and potential of people at work.

There are now opportunities to accelerate the development of a limited number of people while at the same time resourcing the Engage for Success movement so it can deliver on its agreed purpose!

There are three areas of support needed which offer huge development opportunities for those that fulfil these roles:

  1. Really developing our social media profile….we have lots of part-time experts from whom the secondee could learn;  the secondee does not need to be an expert, they just need to be energetic with a desire to learn and contribute.  They would support the social media sub-group and become expert in all the latest techniques,such as the use of Google plus, blog, talk radio  t-chats, hang out sessions etc. all of which are cutting edge today but increasingly they and their derivatives will become the new norm together with harnessing blogs, Twitter, the web and other intranets and websites from our member organisations.  There is considerable expertise for us to call on.  To make it work for Engage for Success and the seconding organisation, it would need to be four to five days per week for three months, preferably six.
  2. The topic sub-groups that exist within the Task Force, and the ones we will set up in the future, need orchestrating to ensure their reach and impact is maximised.  This role would ensure their content is made ready for the web, for social media, for publishing by one (or a number of) of our CEOs sponsors.  They would be at the cutting edge of practical thinking and application in the areas of engagement in relation to innovation, the barriers, working across cultures, economic adversity amongst others. They would be able to hit the ground running on these topics when they return to their own organisations.  They do not need to be experts in any of these areas or indeed in employee engagement but rather be energetic, interested and efficient.  Given the variation in the content of these groups it would be ideal for the secondee to be four to five days a week for three to six months.
  3. We have a whole range of networks and communities that need orchestrating and managing!  We have over 300 gurus; academics, consultants and research houses and subsets of this guru community, practitioners (hundreds!),  special interest groups that meet and who meet on line.  The secondee would not need to be an expert but would need to have excellent people skills and be very efficient.  They would return to their organisation ready to harness your own existing and future networks in a much more creative and well rounded way in line with the increasing need to work collaboratively across boundaries.  This role would ideally be four to five days a week for three to six months.

The three roles above are the most vital and urgent.

Just in case the other opportunities would be of interest there will be a need for a more senior Programme Director able to co-ordinate across all our activities who could be paid.  The other role we would need is for a more classic PR person to support Cohn & Wolfe and Russell Grossman’s comms group.

If you are a secondee with interest or can provide secondees to support the Task Force please contact Amber Kelly – amber@engageforsuccess.org.

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