Strategy Refresh: Charting the journey for better engagement 

By Binu Jacob

As we brave the ongoing global challenge and the sea of changes in the rapidly evolving world of work, now is the time for “inspiring people and workplaces to thrive”, which is the purpose of the EfS movement. 

Six months ago, a group of EfS volunteers authored the movement’s Strategy Refresh. In an in-depth collaborative exercise, they researchedevaluated, developed and presented to the EfS Board the strategic journey that EfS should take in the coming three years 

So, what is the Strategy Refresh 

The strategy refresh is a comprehensive document for the movement’s next strategic phase based on the learnings from the last ten yearsIt’s a plan tprovide a definitive sense of direction and outputs for the volunteer movement’s future goals to enable businesses to enhance their performance and employee engagement best practice.

The document serves as a key guide and lays out clear priorities to help bring the strategy to life. It’s recommendation of activities based on Maintenance, Growth or Ambitious levels of project outputs. These include creating specific content and events to advocate the principles of engagement; to cement the movement’s expertise through tools, thought leadership and outreach to a wider audienceto forge strategic partnerships across public and private sectors; and to support, energise and empower our network of volunteers – in ultimately strengthening the voice of EfS and its impact on employee engagement. 

Built on the Four Enablers of Engagement that are weaved into everything we do as a movement, the Strategy Refresh provides a framework of strategic outcomes and themes. The Strategic Outcomes are Inspire, Influence and Impactand incorporates the three Strategic Themes that are Wellbeing, Good Work and People Productivity 

Six months onwe’re happy to highlight that our committed teams of volunteers have been implementing the recommendations from the Strategy Refresh, in line with the feedback from the Volunteer Voice listening project Some of the excellent new initiatives  includthe development of the Team Engagement Diagnostic Tool, the launch of the People Productivity TAG, the introduction of the Four Hubs, the collaboration between the Volunteers and Comms Hubs to produce this newsletter and the soon-to-belaunched Engaging Managers’ Zone TAG. 

As a flexible movement that is purely led bus, the volunteers, this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves to tap into and draw from the refreshed strategy on current and future projects, to continue inspiring people and workplaces to thrive. 

We’d like to give a huge shout out to Fiona Anderson, Paul BeesleyLyda Modiano, Sally Tanner and Nicholas Wardle, who gave their valuable time and commitment to author the Strategy Refresh. Please reach out to your TAG Chairs, Hub Leads, or one of the authors to discuss how you can get involved in delivering the refreshed strategy. 

Please click here to download your copy of the EfS Strategy Refresh. 

Photo Credit: Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

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